Other info

Food and Beverages

Coffee, tea, coke, chocolate, fruits will be available. Malmoe has many good restaurants; so no need to be hungry!


Tangokompaniet offers many models from several different brands of good shoes for dancing – both classical and sneakers for both men and women in the studio at Fredriksbergsgatan 7. You can also find music, CDs, books and clothing! Some of our brands: Bandolera, Regina, Vikinga, Fabioshoes, DNI, Carlos Ferroni, Bloch, DSOL


Please use Tangokompaniet Festivalito event on Facebook to search partner or Tangokompaniets Partnersearch on facebook. You can register without partner but it is easier with! We can help with partnersearch if you tried and didnt succeed !


Please search for local dancers that might take you in or look for youth hostels or hotels; you can find good deals at www.booking.com. If nothing is found contact us !