The crew

The teachers and performers

Anna Solanna.solakius

Anna’s teaching gives you the possibility to explore the body’s language and expression, the commucation in the dance and the feeling for the music. Her dance expresses her personality: energitic, positive and present. Anna teaches locally and abroad and heads since 2002 Tangokompaniet, the biggest tango studio in Malmö.

Cecilia Piccinni

Cecilia Piccinni1Cecilia Piccinni started to dance ballet when she was a child. In her teens, she studied drama theatre as well. Nearing the end of this artistic adolescence, she started tango. For a couple of years, she was performing and training in her city, while in the meantime she was finishing her degree in Foreign Trade at the University and working in a multinational company. She also studied contemporary dance, contact improvisation, folk, jazz, etc. She’s nowadays focused on Ashtanga Yoga.
She has also worked in many festivals around the world from 2009 until today in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, France, in the US and in Sweden etc.


Cecilia Warfvinge
A dedicated enthusiastic teacher with a musical background and a strong analytical sense.

Daniel Carlsson


Daniel Carlsson is one of the pioneers who together with others built the European tangoscene in the 90s and onward. With a mixed Swedish-Danish-Argentinean background he came in contact with tango through his parents and family. After some years of teaching tango Daniel Carlsson started teaching tango fulltime and touring around the world. Daniel Carlsson has taught tango in 25 different countries and has danced tango regularly for almost 25 years. Students say he is a fantastic teacher, enthusiastic and with an enormous repertoir of material, excercices and possibilities.

Daniel Carlsson and Cecilia Piccinni met in festivals dancing about ten years ago and met for practising a few times. They decided to work together in Europe and this is the third year Cecilia Piccinni visits and works with Tangokompaniet touring with Daniel Carlsson.


Gabriela Castro


To Gabriela the tango is communication without words, sometimes difficult but full of joy – it never ends, there is always more to explore.

Linnea Andersson
Linnea has studied classical ballet, tango and alot of different movement forms. She loves to teach and share her insights with you.


Nidia Martineznidia


Nidia Martínez Barbieri is educated in Contemporary Dance as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, and is also Pilates instructor. She started to dance tango as a social dance and as a part of her education in the last years of her dance studies, but it become more important and significative for her since she moved to Europe in 2011. As an immigrant, tango gives her the magic posibility of feeling herself at home at any city where tango exists, it can happen at big festivals or small milongas, in so diverse countries such as Spain, France, Turkey, Danmark, or Sweden. As a dance professional Nidia finds in tango a territory to explore body techniques of contact, to develop teaching methodologies, and a source of inspiration to her creations. Tango is for Nidia both a really pleasent and playfull social tool of integration, and a research about body communication. Her teaching in tango is focoused in subtil aspects of contact such as the body listening and the tonic variations.


Per Berseus


With one foot in musicianship and the other in movement practices, Per has an in-depth, embodied relationship with dancing. Ever since childhood he plays the trumpet in a symphony orchestra, and he was immediately captured by the music of tango when he started dancing in 2003. Over the last 10 years Per has immersed in various yoga trainings, and became a certified Gyrotonic teacher in 2018. His approach respects the limitations and possibilities of each individual body, so that his students can find joy and comfort in the dance.


Sonny La


With many years of experience from both tango and kung fu Sonny developed great body awareness and can help you in that direction.


Tommy Leite

With many years of experience from both tango and martial arts Tommy can help you develop more control over your movements and your balance.